concrete piers as footings

Concrete Piers

concrete piers as footingsA concrete pier is a material used in construction which usually is composed of cement, fly ash and slag aggregated coarse cement made from crushed rocks or gravel. It also includes fine granite such as sand and water is used as a mixture.

This solidifies and hardens to form concrete piers which are used to support the decks of houses or any structure in particular.

Concrete has been used since ancient times to build structures like domes and vaults since as it was known to be easier to mold than with stone where the builder needed internal support to be able to mold into the desired structure.

In ancient architecture concrete piers were laid out without steel as we know hence making the structure’s strength much lower than the ones used now.

The steel in the concrete enable it to have a strong holding point. There is a difference between concrete piers and a column.

A concrete pier block is one of the types of foundation commonly used to support buildings and decks. But before you decide on which type of concrete pier block to choose you have to first know the capacity of the soil present at the building site and if it will be able to carry the size of the building. The other thing to consider is if you will get enough footing to make a strong foundation on. This is the first and foremost step in decided whether you want to have concrete piers or a column in your building. Considerations can be based off cost or aesthetic considerations.

There is also the foundation type which is either deep or shallow to be considered. And this is dependent on whether you are going to build a super structure or just s simple deck. Basically it all depends with the building type of soil which you have on the ground.

You can decide to put your precast concrete blocks in a shallow foundation. This is most commonly used with buildings which do not intend to have a lot of floor. And this is also suitable where the weight of the building is not a major issue. This type of foundation for a precast concrete piers does not require that you check the type of soil since it is not that much important.

This is also seen as a type of foundation which makes much more economical sense than the deep foundation. This kind of pre-cast concrete pier building can be used to build commercial building which are light and with elevated floors which give one another enough space.

The other type of foundation used in precast concrete piers building is the deep foundation building. This is mandatory in places where the soil is in a poor state and does not easily support buildings. It is also suitable in making very tall buildings and super structures. The deep foundation is the type of foundation that basically uses the concrete pier.

The use of deep foundation is mostly prevalent in the coastal areas where there is natural hazard such as floods coming in. this is also mandatory since most of the buildings have to be elevated high above the ground and won’t have basements.

Precast concrete piers are very suitable in making decks and porches. It is also used to elevate the ground where the floor tends to sink in. the use of concrete pier is determined by the spacing available to support either pad footing or footing which are spread. Most concrete pier is reliant on the arrangement of the frames which makes the partition and load supported by walls important.

Concrete piers are usually placed between eight to twelve feet apart. This is seen as a common practice.

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