Building a Green Energy Home

Building a Green Energy HomeWhat is a green energy home? A green energy home is an energy efficient home, most usually utilizing renewable energy sources from the sun and wind. These resources provide hot water and electricity for home consumption.

The advancements in techniques has made things available that was never within the financial reach of the average Joe Sixpack before.

With wide range awareness of alternative energy sources and putting them to use, more and more folks are opting to cut the apron strings to their utility companies.

Technology is now available to buy all the necessary bits and pieces of the equipment needed to self construct their own energy saving and/or energy creating devices. These energy creating or converting devices include wind power or windmills and solar panels to create the electricity the home owner needs for a green energy home.

A savvy home owner can also utilize passive solar energy for the heating of hot water and heating his home during the winter months.

If a person knows the difference between a screwdriver and a hammer, they can learn how to build their own solar panels and windmills at a fraction of what it would cost purchase them ready made. It can get pretty pricey hiring a professional to buy and install a complete solar system. After all, the idea here is to save money, not move it from one pocket to the other.

There is a boat load of information available on the Internet to teach a body how to build their passive water heater and electrical system from scratch. All the home owner needs is a bit of initiative and few extra bucks to start their own green home project.

When the system is all in and running they will have something to brag about on two accounts. They built it themselves and they are saving a boat load of cash on the all those utility bills they are not paying any longer.

These DIY’ers, or do it your-selfers can get started by building there own passive hot water heater or their own solar panels or windmills and stall them.

If you are considering building a new home it would pay you handsomely to put in some passive solar features like facing the front southwards to take advantage of the winter sun for solar heating. Construct the home with lots of energy efficient windows and build a heat sink of brick, rock or concrete to take advantage of the stored solar energy. This stored heat can then be sent throughout the house with the aid of fans. Just this little trick will save you big bucks and put you on the way to having a green home.

Windmills and solar panels can produce all the electricity a green home may need. Calculate the amount of power used and design the renewable energy system to meet those needs on any given worst day scenario. Plus the solar power benefits are substantial, both for your own pocket as well as for the environment.

Best of all when these power makers are constructed by DIY’ers it like putting money in the bank.

The think outside of the box kind of guy, will be thinking about any and all ways to save on their use of fuel purchased from the utility company. There are a lot of ways of doing this.

I have just listed 3 of many ways to build your own electrical generators. The green home will use all of these ideas and more.

Green homes consume considerably less energy than standard homes. First, because they have added additional insulation and installed efficient windows and doors. These factors alone conserve masses of energy.

The DIY’er can be putting someone at the utility company out of a job. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Now go build your own green energy home or convert the home you have over as well as possible.

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