concrete piers as footings

Concrete Piers

A concrete pier is a material used in construction which usually is composed of cement, fly ash and slag aggregated coarse cement made from crushed rocks or gravel. It also includes fine granite such as sand and water is used as a mixture. This solidifies and hardens to form concrete piers which are used to […]


Building a Green Energy Home

What is a green energy home? A green energy home is an energy efficient home, most usually utilizing renewable energy sources from the sun and wind. These resources provide hot water and electricity for home consumption. The advancements in techniques has made things available that was never within the financial reach of the average Joe […]

peel and stick vinyl planks installation
Finished Basements

Vinyl Floor Basics – Peel and Stick Vinyl

The Basics of Vinyl Flooring The vinyl plank and tile flooring sold at G&S Tile offers a wide range of contemporary designs with easy peel and stick vinyl planks installation. While appearing to be a simple, straightforward product, there are many variables you should understand before making a purchase. At the bare minimum, you should be […]

India Architects


Octavio Paz, poet extraordinaire, essayist and diplomat from Mexico was a friend of India. India, its peoples, cultures and philosophies left an indelible mark on Paz. He was deeply moved and inspired by the multiplicity of times and civilizations that comprised the idea of an Indian Nation. He said of India, ” The past is […]

Hazardous Waste Recycling

Hazardous Waste Recycling 101: The Basic Principles

There are a lot of people who assume that they should just throw their hazardous waste in the can so that they will be able to help the environment more which is why they don’t entertain the thought of doing hazardous waste recycling. What they don’t seem to realize is that by doing so, they […]

four gang light switch
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Wiring a 4-Way Switch

If you have a light that you’d like to be able to turn on from three or more locations, installing a 4-way switch is the way to make it happen. This video from AskTheBuilder gives a detailed approach to convert a 3-way switch, which allows you to turn on a light from two locations, into […]

basement remodeling ideas
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Guest Author: How to Remodel Your Basement

Use these great tips on how to remodel your basement, and turn it into a fun and useful space for your family. If you have been living in your home for some time, it is likely that the basement has become the repository for boxes of stuff that you have cleaned out of your living […]